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The aim of this study was to test the hypothesis that psychiatrists cannot reliably tell the difference between people who are mentally stable and those who are mentally unstable.

8 mentally stable people were granted admission into 12 different hospitals. They all told the same story of how they would hear a voice inside their head, it was unclear but often said “empty”, “hollow” and “thud”. 

Right after they were admitted, the patients stopped showing any signs of abnormality. They took part in activities and talked to faculty and other patients as they would normally. 

None of the psychiatrists ever stopped to say “I think they are getting better” or “they seem absolutely fine now” In fact, nurses and psychiatrists took normal activity such as walking or writing and attempted to represent it as a form of pathological behavior. 

For example, staff would point to patients waiting outside the lunchroom as a form of oral-acquisitive syndrome, when really they were just bored and were anticipating their meal. 

It’s interesting to note that even though staff didn’t recognize that these people were completely fine, patients recognized that they didn’t seem to have any problems.

This study highlights how powerful labels can be.



Wow…this also potentially bespeaks how the people who are charged with making these patients better are only trying to create terminology and atmosphere that keep them institutionalized.
That’s pretty disturbing.

To anyone saying “well they said they heard voices obviously the doctors are going to look at them with a weary eye”

You missed the point.

They were supposed to detect the patients getting better and instead of being able to tell that, they took any action that the patients performed and totally distorted it and blew it to epic proportions to make them seem completely and utterly abnormal to a point where the patients were institutionalized for months. 

Also, sixpenceee, you missed the second part to this experiment - equally chilling, in my opinion. One hospital’s administration was angered by Rosenhan’s experiment, and challenged him to send impostor patients - mentally stable people masquerading as mentally unstable people - to their facilities. Their staff would then turn those pseudopatients away. Long story short, Rosenhan OK’d this part of the experiment. 193 people went to that hospital in that experiment period looking for help. They flagged 41 people as impostors and had doubts about another 42.

Rosenhan sent no one.

The staff of this hospital flagged impostor patients where none had existed.

That’s really worrying…

This is terrifying 

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Capitalism at work.

California is facing what may be its most severe drought yet, costing $2.2 billion

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Israel begins its ground invasion of the Gaza Strip

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Not normally this blog’s topic, but this needs to be spread like crazy. Internet privacy is a big fucking deal, and 83 notes on this as I reblog this is pathetic.

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Alleged rapes by U.S. soldiers ratchet up anger in South Korea



South Korean authorities cite a rising crime rate among U.S. servicemen. There were 377 alleged crimes last year, up from 306 in 2009, according to national police statistics. Between 2000 and 2010, rapes rose from zero to 11; burglaries from 9 to 24 and violent crime in general from 118 to 154, according to officials.

In 2002, riots spread across Seoul after two middle-school aged girls were run over by a U.S. armored vehicle.

"Seoul dance clubs once frequented by U.S. military now bar admission to American soldiers after concern expressed by female patrons"

It’s interesting that white feminist expats would side with their male counterparts complaining that this is anti-American discrimination! or decide this is the appropriate time to talk about how much WORSE they think Korean culture is, when here we have an example of businesses prioritizing the safety of women.

Yeah ok. Guy in the article acting like US military is famous for their good fucking behavior when like a quarter of women WITHIN the military alone are sexually assaulted and that’s not even going into the numbers of civilians who are sexually assaulted by American soldiers. This isn’t a fucking secret, why is he acting like this would be far fetched or unbelievable?? Why the fuck are there US soldiers in South Korea anyway????

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“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. ” ..  (George Orwell)

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